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Grow your wholesale business

Logistify AI helps you grow your independent wholesale business. You can access new markets or store inventory near your customers & get same-day delivery. This is possible using our network of fully managed on-demand micro-warehouses located across East Africa. The value to your business is cost savings. There are no long-term booking contracts. No down payments. You only pay for the space & time you need. We help you deliver to your customers.

Wholesaler Guarantee

Have peace of mind. The safety of your inventory is our priority. We cover every booking with inventory damage protection. Our micro-warehouses are modern, clean, well ventilated, well lighted, and secure. They have over-night security guards & video surveillance.

Logistify Capital

Credit Financing We offer credit financing to help you purchase more inventory.
Net 30-day Payment Terms We cover upfront costs for storage & fulfillmentgiving you 30 days to repay.
Free Returns We cover the costs for returns to our warehouses.

Book storage in 3 easy steps


Search by location

Easily and quickly search for a warehouse by location. Filter the listings by inventory type. Select your desired warehouse to see its details.


Sign Up or Log In

After selecting the desired warehouse, signup or login to book. There are no charges to signup. We are here to guide you along the way.


Book Instantly

Once you have signed up or logged in, you can instantly book or message us first with any questions before you send your inventory.

We've got your back

Have peace of mind knowing that we've got your back. Just like you, we are independent wholesalers ourselves. We understand the importance of trust. That's why our micro-warehouses are clean, well ventilated, & secure, with video surveillance and overnight security guards. You can get to know us before you send us your inventory.

We provide a Wholesaler Guarantee covering every booking with inventory damage protection.

  • Get to know us before you send inventory
  • Welcome to visit our micro-warehouses
  • Free protection for inventory damage
  • Overnight security & video surveillance
  • Chance to read reviews from other wholesalers
  • 24/7 global customer support

Payments made easy

Affordable Prices

We charge a booking rate of $0.13 per cubic meter per day. The lowest charges in the industry.

Pay low fees

There's no cost to sign up. We charge a flat 10% service fee per booking. This fee helps us pay processing fees charged by our Payment Processors & manage your inventory.

Check-in & Pay

Pay using Mobile Money, Paypal, Debit card, or Alipay. Logistify AI holds your payment until your shipment is checked into the warehouse. Only then do we release it.


I found a micro-warehouse for my agricultural herbicides on Logistify near my customers. Now I get same-day deliveries & my customers are happy

Stephanie uses Logistify to store her agriculture herbicides near her customers.

I don't have to use Godowns anymore when I can get a clean, well ventilated and secure micro-warehouse on Logistify. They're so affordable and I can book for a day!

Paul was frustrated by the damage to his inventory in Godowns.

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About Logistify AI

What is Logistify AI?

Logistify AI is a technology company providing same-day delivery for independent wholesalers in Africa. Our mission is to empower independent wholesalers to grow beyond their physical location. We do this using our network of on-demand micro-warehouses located across Africa. We're building the logistics infrastructure for wholesale trade in Africa.

Our main headquarters are in Kampala (Uganda) with regional offices in Nairobi (Kenya) and Tallinn (Estonia).

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A pioneer in on-demand micro-fulfillment

Logistify AI is the first company to bring on-demand warehousing & fulfillment into the emerging markets of Africa.

Fast and affordable fulfillment is made possible by using our vast network of on-demand warehouses to store your inventory near your customers. As soon as you receive an order, we use our cloud-based Fulfillment software to pick, pack & deliver.

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Who is an independent wholesaler?

This is a small independently owned wholesale business or small manufacturer or small distributor.

Why use our platform?

We understand your pain because we're small wholesalers ourselves. We faced these problems of lack of capital, poor quality storage & high delivery costs. So we created Logistify AI to fix these problems for small wholesalers, small manufacturers & small distributors like us.

How much does it cost to signup?

Nothing!!! As in Zero, Nada, Zilch. It is FREE to sign up and create an account. Once you find your desired warehouse to book, we charge a Logistify AI service fee for wholesalers, generally 10%, to help us pay processing fees charged by our Payment Processors & manage your inventory.

What protection do I have against my inventory damage?

We provide a Wholesaler Guarantee that covers every booking with inventory damage protection.

Do you really offer Net 30-day payment terms?

Yes! We cover the upfront costs of storage & fulfillment for select independent wholesalers, giving you 30 days to repay — a service traditionally available only to large wholesalers & manufacturers. When a wholesaler uses Logistify AI for storage & fulfillment, we use that data to build your payment history. We then use that payment history to determine who recieves this offer of Net 30-day payment terms.

Do you really provide credit financing to wholesalers?

Yes, really! We offer credit financing to select independent wholesalers to help them finance new inventory. When a wholesaler uses Logistify AI for storage & fulfillment, we use that data to build your credit history. We then use that credit history to estimate the credit financing we provide.

What is required of wholesalers before they book?

We ask every wholesaler who uses our marketplace for a few pieces of information before they book with us. Wholesalers need to have this info completely filled out before they can make a booking request. This info helps make sure the Warehouse Managers know what type of inventory to expect, and how to contact the wholesaler. The information requested from wholesalers include: full name, email address, confirmed phone number, introductory message, agreement to Warehouse rules, payment information. Wholesalers are expected to have a profile picture. Wholesalers may also be required to provide ID before booking a warehouse.

I can't find a warehouse in my location, what should I do?

We are adding more warehouses. Let us know which location you want to us to add warehouses.

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